Bone Grafting

People think bone as an unbreakable part of the body and it never changes its shape. But this statement is a myth because bones also reshape its structure constantly. In your body, changes occur. Old cells of bones die and new cells replace them.

On account of the bone that holds up your teeth, this procedure can be useful or unsafe. For instance, the jawbone’s versatility enables an orthodontist to bring teeth into a superior situation with braces of metal. In any case, on account of losing a tooth as a grown-up, the bone changes can have genuine results.

Several diseases of gum can lose this tooth-supporting bone. In the event that you lose sufficient teeth and bone, your facial highlights will enfeeble, giving you a progressively matured appearance; complexities of treatment of replacing your teeth can be increased.

Luckily, our medical staff is up-to-date with the present techniques of Bone-Grafting, the lost bone can be fabricated another time by our bone grafting professionals. Your health and appearance can take advantage by strengthening your jawbone, permitting more operative tooth replacement, and increasing support to your facial features. When our patients are happy, we are happy.



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