General Dentistry

We are very proud to serve as the best general dentists in Levittown, New York. General dentistry is consisted of diagnosing several conditions of teeth, identifying common dental problems, and other disorders that are related to oral health.

If you want to save yourself from the major health problems, then you must visit the dentist and do checkups on monthly basis. We provide the finest consultation about general dental problems and have proven plans to save our patients from severe cases of oral diseases.

The major services of this medical branch are consisted of
§ Cleaning of your teeth
§ Thorough examination of your mouth
§ Extractions, Fillings
§ Root-canals
§ Restoration
§ Implants & Placement
§ X-Rays
§ Full and partial dentures implants
§ Avoiding care

First, our general dentists will examine your mouth thoroughly, then if a dental cleaning is needed it will be performed by our dentist our will be advised. Then other diagnoses process will be carried out. If X-rays shows some unexpected result, then the general dentist can refer a specialist for further treatment.

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General Dentistry in levittown

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